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Britain and the World book series with Agenda

Series editor: Tim Oliver. Publisher: Agenda

Britain’s role and place in the world is changing. Brexit, the rise of China, Russian aggression, Trump, doubts about the global trading system, and questions about the future of the EU and NATO all pose threats, opportunities and challenges to a country still struggling to find a role in the world. For many, Brexit is the apotheosis of this struggle. Now, questions abound about Britain’s future global role, the kind of power and influence it will wield, where its allies and enemies may lie, and the way the rest of the world will shape Britain as a country are among the most pressing issues for diplomats, politicians, policy makers, business people and the public alike.

This timely, multidisciplinary series of research-based books by established and emerging scholars sets out to explore all aspects of the UK’s international standing. Beyond the traditional questions of the UK’s foreign, security and defence policies, it publishes titles on all aspects of the UK’s relations with the world and how that world is shaping the UK.

The series, published by Agenda, therefore welcomes submissions from international relations, foreign policy analysis, politics, international history, comparative politics, international political economy, sociology, economics, trade, law, and development studies.

The series publishes research monographs, edited collections and graduate textbooks of relevance to established and emerging academics, policy analysts and decision makers, and students.

For further details see Agenda's website or get in touch with me directly

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