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BFP Must-Reads 20.2-26.2: Northern Ireland, Food Supply, Ukraine, Defence, Innovation, The City

Here are my ten British Foreign Policy Must-Reads from the week the world marked the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while Britons were encouraged to eat turnips instead of tomatoes. The Lord Baldrick, I'm sure, would approve of the latter. This was also the week UK and EU negotiators reached an agreement on changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol. Lots more on that next week.

  1. Northern Ireland Protocol -- Independent: Rishi Sunak should be praised for trying to fix the mess left by Boris Johnson. The prime minister is trying diligently to put right the flaws in the Brexit deal for Northern Ireland negotiated by his predecessor.

  2. Northern Ireland Protocol -- Obersver: Rishi Sunak must not flinch from a vital fight with the Tory Brextremists. The prime minister has to press ahead with a deal on the Northern Ireland protocol, which would remove a festering sore in the UK’s relations with both the EU and the US.

  3. Food Supply -- Guardian: You can blame the weather and Brexit. But there’s more to the UK’s food supply crisis. The empty supermarket shelves aren’t just a blip. They’re a symptom of a dysfunctional system.

  4. Ukraine -- UKICE: One year on: the UK’s response to Russia’s war on Ukraine. Richard Whitman outlines the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on UK foreign, security and defence policy, highlighting the UK’s role as a major European responder to Russian aggression.

  5. Ukraine -- IoG: Five ways Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed UK government. A year after Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine, five IfG experts examine the impact of the war on the UK

  6. Ukraine -- Guardian: Joe Biden has heralded a new age of democracy in Kyiv. Sunak’s Tories are unfit for it. The US president voiced sentiments at odds with our illiberal government. His call for a rules-based order bathes them in the harshest light.

  7. Defence -- Politico: Defense row sparks fears UK foreign policy review will be delayed. Senior military officers are said to be wary of pitching radical changes without guarantee of extra cash.

  8. Innovation -- Bloomberg: Britain and US Are ‘Stealing’ French Researchers, Minister Says. France is trying to reverse a brain drain, especially in the field of sciences, and wants other countries to stop stealing their researchers, Health Minister Francois Braun said on Tuesday.

  9. The City -- Observer: Battered by Brexit, alarmed by poverty, the City is finding a new sense of purpose. The finance sector is at last setting its sights on reviving UK business.

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