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BFP10: 12.12-18.12 Snowball Diplomacy

Here are my British Foreign Policy 10 from a week when heavy snow didn’t stop a slew of speeches and reports on UK foreign policy: 10 of the best reports, podcasts, twitter threads speeches etc. that I’ve added to my Zotero database this past week.

  1. James Cleverly MP: British foreign policy and diplomacy — Foreign Secretary's speech, 12 December 2022.

  2. Tom Tugendhat MP: Defending democracy in an era of state threats — Security Minister, delivered a speech at the Policy Exchange on 13 December.

  3. Admiral Sir Tony Radakin: Chief of the Defence Staff RUSI Lecture 2022.

  4. UKICE: Are we seeing the slow death of Global Britain? Richard G. Whitman reflects on UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly’s speech on 12 November, highlighting the absence of the previously ubiquitous phrase ‘Global Britain’ and examining what this might suggest about the Sunak government’s approach to foreign policy.

  5. UKICE: UK foreign policy in an era of global competition: the centrality of networks. Jamie Gaskarth places recent UK foreign policy speeches by the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary in wider context, proposing that the government’s thinking about its international relationships would benefit from a networked approach.

  6. New Statesman: What is James Cleverly’s foreign policy? In contrast to his predecessor Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary is less idealistic and more pragmatic.

  7. Commons Foreign Affairs Committee: Report — Refreshing our approach? Updating the Integrated Review.

  8. Global Britain Commission: Report -- How to deliver global Britain: A blueprint for government.

  9. UKICE: Will support for Brexit become extinct? In light of recent polling suggesting a substantial shift in opinion on Brexit, Joris Frese, Juho Härkönen and Simon Hix examine the extent to which this can be explained through ‘voter replacement’ – the phenomenon of older, Brexit-supporting voters passing away and younger, anti-Brexit voters entering the electorate.

  10. And finally… Thin Pinstriped Line tears apart a report in The Telegraph that Germany’s decision to order the F35 and not the Eurofighter is a snub to the UK. When is a Snub Not A Snub?

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