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London, global cities and Covid-19

I recently sent the following list to the students on my London module and thought I'd also post it here. There have been a number of pieces written on the effects of Covid-19 on London and other cities. I've listed below a select few--


Ben Rogers of The Centre for London has written about how resilient London is in the face of Covid-19:

OnLondon has a good selection of pieces about how London is facing Covid-19, including one on how the boroughs have planned for such a challenge: A piece from mid-March looked at how London and Londoners would have to face the challenge:

Beyond London, the Centre for Cities has been keeping track of the wider effects of Covid-19 on the UK's cities and towns:

Is this the end for cities? 

A number of pieces have explored whether Covid-19 will change cities such as London or perhaps even force them into a period of decline. Joel Kotkin looks at how Covid-19 will combine with changes in work and technology to bring about dispersion rather than concentration: Stefan Novakovic for Azure does not see this as heralding the decline of urban density:  Jack Shenker in The Guardian explores how pandemics have always shaped cities and Covid-19 will be no different:

Resilience in cities

The World Economic Forum has undertaken a lot of work on cities and in this piece by Robert Muggah and Rebecca Katz ask how prepared cities around the world are for handling Covid-19: City Labs look at how pandemics are an urban planning problem: The Centre for Cities has a podcast you can listen to on Covid-19 and the resilience of global cities:

Cities in the developing world

While there has been a lot of discussion recently about the effects of Covid-19 on cities such as London or New York, we cannot overlooked the effects on cities in the developing world. This piece by Professor Diana Mitlin gives a good overview of the issues:

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