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Taking Back Control? The UK Parliament and the Brexit Withdrawal Negotiations

The Istituto Affari Internazionali, Rome, has just published a short report I wrote for them on the role of the UK Parliament in the UK-EU Brexit negotiations.

Main conclusions--

• Parliament has been the site of intense arguments and differences over what the UK’s vote to leave should mean, not least when it comes to approving the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement. The deep divisions in the Conservative and Labour parties especially, reflect similar divisions in British society.

• Parliament has been somewhat more united and effective in its scrutiny of Brexit, although the centralised and secretive nature of the UK state remains a big obstacle.

• Deep divisions and uncertainty over the direction of Brexit, especially over the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement, has given rise to suggestions, albeit constitutionally controversial ones, that Parliament could take control of the process by directing the executive in terms of policy.

Full report can be found here:

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